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Bay and Basin Camera Club

Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin, Shoalhaven, NSW

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Meetings: 7:30pm
2nd and 4th Tuesdays of month
Vincentia Community Hall

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Webmaster Comments on responses to Question 9

A website is just like a camera - you have to put some time into learning how to use it properly!

84% of members say that the website meets their needs. Four club members said the website does not meet their needs, although one said that they don't visit often enough to comment. Let's look at those other responses.

"I would like an easier menu that is linked to photos and members photos ..."
Clicking on the Flickr button at the top of each page on the website takes you to the BBCC's online albums, including Open Winners, Set Subject Winners and all the Set Subject galleries since the club began. Alternately, clicking on "Galleries" from any page on the website takes you to a page containing links to every BBCC album including Open Winners, Set Subject Winners, all the Set Subject galleries since the club began, as well as the past and present galleries of all of our members who have supplied us with links to their online galleries. We hope this helps.

I would like an "updated site that is easy read and viewed on all devices and may be professionally designed?"
The website was professionally designed back in 2008, but it has not been optimised for all the other devices that have come along since then, such as smart phones and tablets. We would all like a website that could be easily viewed on all devices, but unfortunately we don't have the expertise within the club to do this, or the funds to pay a "professional" to do it.

"Sometimes I am not sure where to look for info. Maybe a new front page with meeting info, next months topic and photo shoot date."
The committee and the webmaster agree that the menu system could be simplified, and an updated menu system will be online shortly. In the meantime, please be aware that meeting info, next month's topic, and the photoshoot dates are all on the Program page, and if you go to the Program page, and save it to your Favourites or Bookmarks, you can easily go back to that page whenever you want.

"I think the Photo of the Month should be featured prominently, not just in a gallery, and information on the next meeting featured on the Home page."
The Photo of the Month is featured prominently on the club's Facebook page (which can be reached via one click from any page on the website), and is actually in two galleries as well - the Set Subject gallery and the Set Subject Winners gallery. And the information about the next meeting is on the Program page.

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