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Bay and Basin Camera Club

Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin, Shoalhaven, NSW

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Meetings: 7:30pm
2nd and 4th Tuesdays of month
Vincentia Community Hall

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The program below may change so check this page closer to the time - updated 13th June 2018

Committee meetings are held on a "need to have" basis ...

How much old photographic "junk" do you have sitting around your house gathering dust?

This is the stuff you never use, you don't think is worth selling on eBay, but cost you too much to consider throwing it away. It could be a second tripod or a third or fourth camera bag you never use, or some old filters that don't fit your new lenses, or an obsolete flash attachment, or an old photography book, or some gizmo that seemed like a good idea at the time and now you wonder why you ever bought it!

Why not bring it along to the BBCC "Swap Night" and see if someone else would like to use it? At the same time, you might be able to acquire something that you could really use!

Swap Night will be on Tuesday 26th June - with an early start of 7:00pm, so gather up your swappable stuff ready to bring along on the night.

This year we will have a totally different venue and different catering, but the usual awards presentations including Photographer of the Year, and everyone present will vote for Photo of the Year.

As far as dinner goes, everyone will order and pay for what they want from the Vincentia Golf Club's restaurant. We will have our dinner in a private room adjacent to the dining room. The BBCC will be providing some wine and champagne for starters, but if you want to tie one on then more drinks will be available for purchase from the bar. As usual there will be a lucky door prize.

The Annual Dinner and Awards Night will be on Tuesday 24th July - 7:30pm at the Vincentia Golf Club


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