Bay and Basin Camera Club

Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin, Shoalhaven, NSW

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Meetings: 7:30pm
2nd and 4th Tuesdays of month
Vincentia Community Hall

Tips and Tricks

Digital Photography for Beginners Workshop Links

How to Name Your Image Files
How to Batch Rename Files
The Exposure Triangle - Getting Off Auto
Organising Your Photos

About Aperture
How Light Meters Work


Suggested Short Presentation Topics
Getting Off Auto
Creating a Proshow Slideshow



Photography Courses

June Andersen - Nature of Photography
Open Colleges Photography Courses

Image Sites

Ken Rockwell - a clumsy site, but great information!
Joanne Paquette art at "The Nifty Boutique"
Red Bubble - your photography online

Image Information

Photo Judging Checklist
What Makes A Photograph Good?
5 Elements of Good Composition
How to score an image out of 10


Photographers Ephemeris website and software
Star Trails website and software
Photomatix - HDR processing software
LR / Enfuse - Lightroom plugin for multiple exposures

Tutorial Sites

Picture Correct Tips and Tutorials
HDR tutorial at Stuck in Customs
Bracketing at Before the Coffee
Photomatix tutorial at Before the Coffee


BBCC Forms

AGM Nomination Forms

Judges' Websites

Denis Cale - Images of Australia
Dominic Barrington - Riversdale7
June Andersen - Nature of Photography
Malcolm Fackender - Spotlight on Asia
Nora Devai - Devai Photography
Ollie Barrington - Ollie7
Richard Tadday - Jervis Bay Images
Steve Mullarkey - Steve Mullarkey Photography
Warren Wilson - Imageup Photography

Camera Clubs

Berry Camera Club
Milton Ulladulla District Camera Club
Shoalhaven Photographic Club
Kiama-Shellharbour Camera Club
Northside Creative Photography


Blurb - real books - made by you

Digital SLR Guide - excellent reviews and lessons
Camera Features Checklist
Depth of Field Tables
Shutter Speeds You Should Use

Legal Information

Rights of Photographers in NSW
Street Photographers Rights

Monitor and Camera Calibration

X-Rite Photo
Colour IQ Test
ColorChecker Passport

These images may help when calibrating a monitor -

Calibration Image Number 1 (142KB)
Calibration Image Number 2 (1124KB)
Calibration Image Number 3 (590KB)
Calibration Image Number 4 (760KB)

Local Attractions

The Jervis Bay Maritime Museum